Our Quality Policy

In the field of Concrete Pump and Equipment of Construction sector, in order to activate the following principals completely and fully , we hereby declare to fulfill them with collective responsibility in accordance with our customer 's ever increasing expectations and requirements; Which are; 

• We declare to furnish a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, responsive with International standart and legislation in accordance with our company's objectives and targets. 

• By making utmost use of facilities, such as efficient management, communication and education as well as our personel 's voluntary participation, we aim to meet the demand of our customers for each and every products and after sales service efficiently and continously just in time. 

• We create works in order to increase continously Customer 's satisfaction, gauge the results of them, implement analysis and gauges of company's interior performans to find out the areas on time which can be developed and improved further. 

• In order to comply with rules of QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and improve its efficiency continously, we aim to improve our development by having our personel's wide participation together with focusing on long term management of job and human resources. 

• We aim to work with our Suppliers continously in full understanding during the priod of creating value to develope our cooperation with them.


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    ISO 9001-2014

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    SZUTEST Test

* GOST-R certificate is given by Promsert, Ukrsepro is given by Ukrbudsert. Both are product quality documents.

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