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BETONSTAR evaluates its colleagues not only as a person with whom they will spend their working time together, but also as a companion with whom they will go on a long journey together. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Betonstar brings its companions into its structure by observing people who are in charge of their business, disciplined and well-ethical, believe in business ethics and teamwork, and follow new technologies and innovation.

• Pays attention to the balance between the expectations of the staff and the firm.
• Fairly observes equal opportunities and rights among employees.
• Dominates the innovations in the field of Human Resources and implements these innovations in line with the needs of the company and the motivation of the employees.
• Is always professional in its field of activity and aims to be the pioneer of the sector.
Every department and business unit that makes up the Betonstar brand is filled with perfectionist professionals. With more than 20 years of expertise in pump production, sales and customer support, Betonstar not only provides its customers with confidence in the performance of their products on the job site, but also provides all the support they need to carry their goals higher with the professional team of Betonstar. Betonstar instills the same awareness and common sense in all colleagues, regardless of which unit they are in.
Our colleagues are proud to be a part of the Betonstar family, because they know that each has a lot of effort on all milestones of the company. In line with their performances and responsibilities, they continue to work with the awareness that they are partners in all the successes of the company.

Our Human Resources Policy
• To provide a healthy and safe working environment in all fields of our company; minimizing occupational accidents with preventive activities,
•Employing a qualified and most suitable candidate in the field in line with our strategy and goals,
• To provide a working environment in which our employees can develop their competencies and qualifications, and to expand their experience by adding new knowledge and talents,
• To create a transparent working environment where our colleagues working in every department of our company are not limited to only their departments, and they provide added value in other fields with their ideas and their loyalty to our company,
• To increase our employees' participation in production, marketing, sales, after-sales process and management with innovative approaches in order to continuously improve our quality,
• To increase the welfare level of our employees,
• To make a difference in terms of employee satisfaction and sense of belonging.