H 30 4Z

Boom Type 4Z
Max. Vertical Reach 29.5 m
Max. Horizantal Reach 25 m
Boom Unfolding Height (min) 6.5 m
1st Boom Lenght 7.4 m
2nd Boom Lenght 6 m
3rd Boom Lenght 6 m
4th Boom Lenght 6.1 m
Boom Swing Speed 104 sec
Boom Swinging Angle 365°
Concrete Pump Diameter 5”
SmartStar Control System Included
Electric Box Water Proof and Computer Control
Proportional Remote Controller Included (HETRONIC)
End Hose 3 m
Water Pump Included, 4 m3/h
Water Tank Capacity 500 liter, 15 m hose with fittings
Lubrication System Hydraulic (LINCOLN and ALLFETT)
Max. Theoritical Concrete Output 90 m3 / h 140 m3 / h
Max. Theoritical Concrete Pressure 81 bar 69 bar
Stroke 26 stroke / min 26 stroke / min
Concrete Cylinder Dimensions 230 mm x 1400 mm 230 mm x 2100 mm
Main Hydraulic Pump A4 VG 125 (REXROTH) A4 VG 180 (REXROTH)
PUMP TYPE BST 30.90-4Z BST 30.14-4Z
Hopper Capacity 650 liter
Switching System Elec. Magn. Sensor
Concrete Valve S-Valve System
Boom Pump A7V016 or A17F0023 (REXROTH)
Agitator Pump Included (ASC)
Front Legs Diagonal Folding
Rear Legs Fixed
Distance Between Front Legs 5.2 m
Distance Between Rear Legs 3.7 m
Driven By PTO or Gear Box
Vibrator Optional
Air Compressor Optional
Stability Control System Optional
End Hose Squeezer Optional
High Pressure Washing Pump Optional