Although its establishment dates back only 13 years, the fact that it has a competent management team that has guided the sector for nearly 30 years with its knowledge reveals the difference of Betonstar in terms of know-how. Developing software and R&D activities shed light on its work and Betonstar managed to become a company that breaks grounds with its expert, young and competent engineers.

Our goal is to further increase the quality of our products and to join the top three companies in the world in concrete pumping technique and technology. This is among our goals as a vision set by our company.

Today, Betonstar has become also one of the leaders in the concrete pump industry in a short time with the quality and standard of the product it creates with the world-class suppliers it works with.

The company has become able to export all of the concrete pumps it produces today, especially with the R&D works it has been carrying out intensively for the last 6 years. In parallel with this, BETONSTAR broke the record of the last 12 years by increasing its annual export figure by 2.5 times in 2019 and broke new ground by increasing its export to 18 million €.

Since its establishment, the company continues to develop itself and its technical infrastructure in terms of concrete pumps, software, hardware, and new trends and approaches in the world, in order to offer new products and services to its customers and business partners.