About Us

As BETONSTAR, we have been producing, selling and exporting truck mounted and stationary concrete pumps under the brand BETONSTAR since 2008 with our 30 years of experience in manufacturing and experienced staff in the industry; we are among the leaders in the industry with the power of technology by bringing together approximately 3,500 products in our R&D Design Center.

We carry out our production activities with the strategies we have developed in line with the needs and demands of our customers while adhering to the values of innovation and technology.

Our story, which started with a limited number of employees and production in 2008, continues today with the R&D works we carry out within the company with our almost 250 employees in a large and wide production facility of 100.000 m² in Izmir Torbalı. Our construction/manufacturing, assembly line, sandblasting/lining, test area, dyeing plant and finishing departments cover a closed area of 21.600 m².

Our ever-growing structure adds different perspectives and visions to us, while the service quality and solutions we offer to our customers progress in parallel. Our success story, which started in Izmir Torbalı, continues to expand with our Istanbul office and our business partners and suppliers that spread to various parts of the world over time.

With the network of dealers established in different continents and countries and the labors and efforts of its 250 hardworking personnel, Betonstar has been able to cut approximately 2500 tons of sheet material annually and sell its concrete pumps troughtout the world. While the target market of BETONSTAR, which exports approximately 90% of its production, is growing with each passing day, the Company is proud to export its products to more than 50 countries today.. The markets in which the company currently operates mainly include the USA, Japan, Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Belgium, Kosovo, Sweden, Macedonia, Guinea, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Palestine, Tunisia, Kenya, Algeria, Australia, Finland, Egypt, Ghana and Uganda.