After Sales

While the rapid economic and technological developments in the world turn the markets of the countries into the world markets, businesses are entering an increasingly competitive environment. Being successful in this race can be achieved by being market- and customer-oriented. Being customer-oriented can be achieved by defining customer expectations and developing good customer relations. At this point, we, as Betonstar, aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with our After Sales Services, which is another aspect of the importance and value we attach to our customers.

Reflecting our 20 years of technical service management experience to customer satisfaction is one of our biggest goals, being aware of the working conditions of the concrete pump machine and a business pace that competes with time.

In this context, our 5 basic principles that we have adopted as the After Sales Services department guide us in our work.


★Customer Happiness

★Fast Service


★Spare Parts Production and Stock

Along with all these principles, the methods and procedures followed while delivering our machines also support the strength of our brand as the importance and privileges Betonstar gives to after-sales services.