Intervention To Malfunctions

It covers our intervention method in case of malfunction of machines whose warranty period continues. On request, it is also valid for our machines whose warranty period has expired.

Breakdown notifications from the customer are usually heard over the phone. In emergency situations, the operator is told what to do on the phone and first of all, it is tried to ensure that the machine can continue with the concrete casting or if this is not possible, the concrete can be cleaned.

Depending on the location of the machine, our nearest authorized service or Betonstar SSH technician is assigned immediately. The spare parts required for the elimination of the defect are determined and if there are any parts among these parts that are not in the stock of the authorized service, they are provided.

The process until the fault is eliminated is followed and a service report is issued at the end of the process and the transaction is recorded. It is decided whether the malfunction is within the scope of warranty or not. If the transaction will be invoiced, the reasons are explained to the customer and the necessary training is given to the operator.