Our Values

PROJECT APPROACH: With our network of overseas dealers that we have established in different countries and continents, we are able to offer our customers all components related to concrete pumps and their varieties in terms of sales, logistics and service.

AFTER SALES SERVICE: Our understanding of after-sales service that we have developed with our long years of experience and the processes and procedures we have created in this respect support our work as the most important details.

QUALITY AWARENESS: We believe that the reason behind the special and different nature of every product we create is the understanding and principles of quality we aim for. Therefore, we adopt total quality understanding, being aware that the problem that may occur in a single bolt can damage the entire system.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: Today, we know that being successful in every product produced under our trademark for our customers around the world brings “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”. We believe that the solutions we create and the fast feedback we provide are the basis for our long-term relationships with our customers regardless of location.

TECHNOLOGY and R&D: With R&D works, industrial design, product trees and developments in the world of software, we are expanding the scope of our work with each passing day to ensure that our products are world-class in terms of quality.