Quality Policy


 Betonstar, including the upper management and all employees, involved in the production, sales, and after-sales services of concrete pumps and equipment, commit to the following principles:
•    Meeting current and potential market needs through a management approach and system that complies with applicable primary and secondary legislation, national and international standards, and regulations,
•    Operating systematically, taking into account environmental factors and occupational health and safety rules, and constantly improving their activities,
•    Ensuring effective employee participation through support programs to enable all employees to develop their competencies and skills using a leadership approach,
•    Undertaking ongoing projects and services to meet the needs and expectations of their stakeholders,
•    Continuously improving the quality of their operations and services using current technologies by closely monitoring sectoral developments,
•    Increasing and sustaining customer satisfaction with risk and opportunity-based approaches that may impact their product and service offerings,
•    Engaging in efforts to reduce waste and natural resource consumption with a conscious use of resources,
•    Committing to being a sensitive and exemplary organization to meet the expectations of their stakeholders by incorporating a continuous improvement and customer-oriented approach throughout their organization.