R&D & Engineering

R&D activities are among the most important works to increase the welfare of a country and society and to have a higher technology and economy compared to other countries. In this journey, which we started about 13 years ago in engineering, our investments in R&D have always taken the lead in developing new products and improving the existing ones.

At the point it has reached today, Betonstar produces new products with nearly 30 engineers and our R&D department and helps to increase the quality achieved for our Company and our sector by reducing costs in production by advancing with innovation.

In today’s conditions where the importance of R&D is increasing gradually to make a difference and stand out in competition, our Company allocates a higher share of its budget to R&D and innovation expenditures. The aim of the R&D Department of our Company is to increase the scientific and technical knowledge and to be able to produce different projects with the use of this information in new applications, setting an example for the sector.

Today, we integrate our 30 years of experience in the ready-mixed concrete and concrete pumps sector with the new technologies created by our young engineers with their perspective and understanding of innovation. With our R&D activities, we are moving forward with each passing day as customer demands and expectations coming from home and abroad, guiding us in product development, quality & test processes, and design works.

BETONSTAR closely follows the changing markets of the world. It constantly visits developing countries and continues its new market research by participating in the activities within the scope of the international UR-GE project organized by IMDER with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey. It is among the biggest goals of the Company to continue our work on the new model and new system concrete pumps, which are carried out within the R&D department with the support of TUBITAK, until 2021, and put the completed projects into production and offer them into the service of its customers.