Samoter 3-7 May 2023

Betonstar; Took Its Place At Samoter 2023 With Its Italian Distributor...

BETONSTAR, the international concrete pump brand of Turkey, participated in the SAMOTER 2023 Fair held in Italy from May 3 to May 7, 2023, in collaboration with its distributor STC-ELETTRO SIGMA.

In the face of the significant challenges and problems posed by the pandemic in 2021, BETONSTAR had the joy of expanding its dealer network and exporting approximately 90% of its production. Despite the supply chain issues experienced globally in the same year, along with many countries closing their doors and cutting off communication and visitation networks, BETONSTAR signed a contract with its Italian distributor to crown its efforts to communicate and promote its products and services to the world.

Two years after these developments, SAMOTER 2023, one of the largest fairs in the industry where concrete pump leaders showcase their products, took place in Verona, Italy, from May 3 to May 7. The BETONSTAR sales team, who participated in the fair with their Italian distributor STC-ELETTRO SIGMA, emphasized the importance of participating in different fairs in enhancing brand reputation and advancing the relationship with their distributor.

Italy, a country at the heart of Europe, inheritor of Mediterranean culture, and a hub for intense trade, ranks among the top 10 countries in terms of national income share on the global scale, thanks to its industry and economic potentials. This advanced structure of industry and manufacturing is reflected in machinery and concrete pump brands as well. Italy boasts numerous brands like CASE, SERMAC, CIFA, and MECBO. We asked BETONSTAR about their gains from their partnership with Italy and entering the heart of the European market. Yılmaz Sarıca, the longtime Director of Foreign Sales at BETONSTAR, shared his insights.


"Italy has always been among the target countries where we wanted to grant a dealership. After the dealership agreement we made in 2021, our relationships, our aspirations, and our shared goals have progressed over the past 2 years. In October 2022, our factory received a visit from the executives of STC-ELETTRO SIGMA, and we reevaluated all our models and what we wanted to achieve. The SAMOTER fair represented the culmination of these efforts.

Italy is a market with very high quality standards; you can think of it as similar to Japan. Quality, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty are of great importance, but the market also has a price focus. Italy's own brand dominates about 80% of the mixer pump market. However, there is still room in the market. Wherever there is a sale, competition and race prevail. Our mixer concrete pumps, the AS 32 and AS 26 pumps, are among our targets for the Italian market. We believe that the competition in the market and the features of our products will have a positive impact on the BETONSTAR brand. Our product showcased at the fair, the H47-5RZ, received top marks from visitors in terms of appearance and functionality. We are confident that we will receive the same feedback for the ALLSTAR. In fact, it would be correct to say that two powerful countries and companies in the concrete pump sector in the Mediterranean met with customers at this fair and united their strengths.

Continuing his remarks, Sarıca emphasized the significance of acquiring a dealership in Italy, which is the birthplace of many brands in the industry, for gaining customers in a competitive environment at the heart of Europe and becoming a player in a challenging market. He continued:

"As you can imagine, initiating a trade network with one of the largest countries in Europe is very valuable for us. Each country has its own dynamics. In Italy, some users are conservative. The key is to capture the minds of this audience, introduce the brand, and reflect differentiation and product variety. Once you achieve this, you are already taking the right step towards sales. If we can enter a challenging market of a country that has created its own brand with the technology and innovation it has developed, with products created by 100% Turkish engineering power and in collaboration with our Italian distributor, that is a significant achievement. Furthermore, the fact that orders are being placed for different models also indicates the interest in the product and the brand. After the sale of our first concrete pump, the second one being in the pipeline is a testament to this. This is an important step in establishing ourselves in a challenging market. With over 30 years of experience, we are reaping the fruits of our journey in innovation and technology, even though the road is tough. Despite the challenges ahead, we are expanding our goals with the belief that Italy will contribute a lot to us in terms of experience, differentiation, and showcasing our products.