Service Technician Training

The aim of this training is to test the knowledge and experience of our technicians and to complete their missing parts. At the same time, it is to introduce new systems that are being used in our machines and to keep their intervention capabilities at the highest level.

These trainings are carried out under three different topics: hydraulics, welding, and electricity. Accordingly, the training under which title will be organized, our authorized services are asked to send the personnel or personnel working in that field to our factory on the specified date.

First, a factory tour is organized, and the technicians are introduced to our new models and new systems. The training determined afterwards is completed in two stages as theoretical and practical training. Practical training is carried out on a machine located on the factory site. An exam is applied at the end of the training and the missing aspects of the technicians are determined according to the result of this exam. Notes are taken on the basis of technician to repeat the required training. Retraining is organized for these technicians at the earliest opportunity. When necessary, the technician who is found to have deficiencies is asked to stay in our factory for more days and work for certain a period in the relevant department.

At the end of the training, our service staff are sent off with small gifts.