Work Safety

Betonstar accepts complying with legal and international regulations and customer requirements, creating safe working environments with continuous development and participation of employees and employee representatives as the basis of its Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Within the framework of this policy, the Company undertakes;

★ To eliminate the dangers that may arise from activities, to determine and implement protection parameters by reducing health and safety risks,
★ To organize training activities for employees, all suppliers, and related parties to effectively fulfill Occupational Health and Safety practices,
★ To achieve these goals by planning measurable goals for continuous improvement.

As Betonstar, we aim to create a safe, healthy and enjoyable working environment at all stages of our production areas. As a requirement of our responsibility towards the creation of healthy individuals and workforce in line with this goal, we undertake;

★ To determine, implement and make implemented the necessary measures to reduce work accidents and occupational diseases and even to realize the “zero work accident” policy,
★ Ensuring that precautions are taken before an accident, not after an accident,
★ To make risk assessment with the participation of employees and to reach an acceptable risk level,
★ To use safe equipment, personal protective equipment, and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment,
★ To organize OHS meetings that will ensure the participation of all levels of the organization to improve and correct occupational health and safety practices,
Trying to make it a lifestyle by adopting occupational health and safety culture.

And in this direction;

★ To meet legal obligations, relevant standards and conditions regarding occupational health and safety,
★ To continuously improve the proactive approach (taking precautions before accident) processes regarding Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure the sustainability of production by increasing performance,
★ To develop trainings and events for our employees and the employees of our suppliers, visitors, interns to adopt our occupational health and safety principles.
As Betonstar, we know that strong productions can only be achieved by providing a safe and healthy working environment. Therefore, we are proud to provide this environment in cooperation with our Occupational Health and Safety unit and to please our employees in this respect.