EN - BSD 33-4 ZT

Boom Type 4ZT
Horizontal and Vertical Range 32,7 m
Boom Unfolding Height (min) 10 m
1st Boom Lenght 8,9 m
2nd Boom Lenght 7,9 m
3rd Boom Lenght 7,9 m
4th Boom Lenght 7,9 m
End Hose 3 m
Boom Swing Speed 113 sec
Boom Swinging Angle 365°
Concrete Pipe Diameter 125x133x148 mm
Detachable Boom Weight (Total) 8,990 kg
1st Section 4,285 kg
2nd Section 4,705 kg
Column (10m) 3,580 kg
Column (6m) 2,400 kg
Column Support Frame 1,300 kg
Drive 15 kW Hydraulic-Electric Motor
Remote Control Unit Radio Remote
10 m Column 1x
6 m Column 1x
Working Platform 1x
Floor Frames 3x
Hydraulic Climbing Apparatus 1x
Tork Spanner 1x
Ladder Units 4 x 2 m (1 ladder unit per 2 m distance)
Optional 1 Unit of transversal leg foundation base + anchorage bolts